God’s Faithfulness

16 Jul

God’s Faithfulness – By Chelsea

I was so blessed with the opportunity to go back to the Dominican Republic this year. I saw and learned so many things. God truly revealed Himself to me, and I learned how to love others the way Christ loved us. One thing in particular that struck me again this year was the genuine joy that the people have, despite their impoverished conditions. They are so willing to surrender themselves to God. In spite of the fact that some families do not know whether they will be able to afford their next meal, they rejoice because they know that God will provide and that His will is completely sovereign. They know that this Earth is merely temporary, and they look forward to what is to come. This just moved me and made me ask myself: What is holding me back from completely giving myself to God? Why can’t I be like these people? I have everything I could possibly need, yet I still complain. These people have absolutely nothing, yet they’re so grateful for the lives they’ve been given.
The answer came. Recently, I went to ETV, a Christian camp in Oregon. In a very unfortunate turn of events, one student and one counselor tragically drowned, despite many bystanders’ efforts to save them. It was a total shock to all of us. However, God used this experience to help me and several others realize that life is short, and that God wants each and every one of us to use the lives we’ve been so graciously given to glorify Him. It finally hit home with me, so I got down on my knees and just surrendered myself to God. It was so neat to see how God used the lives of those two men to encourage and inspire us to live better lives to the glory of His name. It was so neat to see how the body of Christ came together and supported each other during this time. It was a beautiful thing. Because of these two experiences, I understand that God is faithful through both the good times and the bad. He is always there when we need Him, and we just have to trust that He will come through. God is good!

2 Responses to “God’s Faithfulness”

  1. Mari July 16, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    Yes, indeed, God is good, all the time. Thank you for sharing your heart, Chelsea

  2. larsonaj1991 July 16, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    Praise God, Chelsea! (Hope I spelled your name right!)

    While I did not go to the DR, I and humbly and exuberantly share your sentiments and revelation about yourself. I feel as though I’ve lived a Christian life of halves. I’m half in and half out. I set the bar myself for how “well of a Christian” I think I am where the bar actually resides with God and the bar is actually quite a bit higher than mine. Know what I mean? God has been knocking on my door for quite some time asking to come in all the way especially this last year or so. I’ve only let him in so far all the while thinking I’ve been doing “well”. I started letting Him in prior to ETV. After the events of ETV, I was moved (prompted) to discard my remaining fears and laziness (pride) to get with the program! I feel as though I have a perspective which I could have scarcely imagined previously. I am excited to see where God takes me and you as well. I’m glad to be getting to know you, Chelsea. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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