Prayer Heard

16 Jul

By Peggy

Was is really just 12 days ago that we were “debriefing” at poolside in Atlanta GA? I remember sharing how much I wanted to guard against what I experienced last year in returning from the DR….David’s accident, surgeries, his being unable to work, being distracted by all of life’s issues, feeling like the joy and memories of the trip were too soon forgotten.

So, this year, I tell myself…”Won’t let THAT happen again”…and then, life just HITS all of us, hard! We’ve barely had time to catch our breath….some of you are off to Tygh Valley to experience God once again in an exciting week of youth camp. Barely 24 hours later, we’re holding on to one another, trying to make sense of a tragic accident that claimed two young lives. Grief….overwhelming, to say the least, bringing back the awful memories of having lost my own brother in a drowning accident when I was 15 years old, his body never recovered, remembering my momma’s pain.

Then last night….as if there was not already enough to contend with! A knock on our front door about 7:30pm…on my porch is a disheveled woman, with 4 straggily looking kids, ranging in age from less than a year old up to about 5, one child dressed in just a diaper. She’s hysterical, says she’s been abused, threatened by someone in her home, begging for me to take her in…..without time to think, I drag her inside, shut and lock our front door and find myself up to my eyeballs in dealing with a total stranger who is clearly, how could I say, “unbalanced”?? I don’t know who she is….she tells me she lives somewhere “up the street”. It takes nearly a half-hour, but I get her to calm down, get a phone number to call her Mom in Roseburg OR….her mom calls a 911 dispatch down there and they notify Clark County Sheriff’s department. After what seemed like the longest wait of my life, in walks Deputy Dunham…awesome man, cool, calm, in charge!!! He tries to talk to this woman….she’s incredibly fearful, not making a whole lot of sense…..deputy is in and out of our kitchen, calling for backup! Within an hour, we have THREE patrol cars in front of our house… comes a “crisis negotiator” and we are living in the midst of what felt like a poorly-made TV action movie! I’m holding this woman’s children, changing diapers, feeding them bananas and peanut butter sandwiches, rubbing her back and drying her tears…we get her Aunt here about 10pm to help care for the kids, within about 30 more minutes, the mom is off to the hospital and the children are in protective custody!

All this to say…….PRAISE GOD!!! My prayer, in leaving the Domincan Republic, had been to ask the Lord to please keep me always reminded of how He is (and always will be) in control of ALL circumstances in our lives and that He keep me ready & willing to serve Him, right HERE, right now!

Prayer heard….and answered! Joy as not been stolen away, as I feared… has been magnified, many times over. God presented us with challenges in which we could take no other path, but to respond with trusting Him to get us thru incredible turmoil and pain!!!

One Response to “Prayer Heard”

  1. Mari July 17, 2012 at 3:48 am #

    Thank you for sharing! God is so faithful to answer our prayers!

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