No Expectations

16 Jun

By Tracie Wyche Shoote

As I’ve been trying to prepare myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the upcoming trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic, God keeps putting into my mind “no expectations”. I think it’s such a good word. I’m not asking myself the usual questions that I would before a trip. (I’m not even going to mention what I would normally be thinking about because then I’d be thinking about them!) I’m just asking God to prepare my heart for whatever it is He has for me in the days ahead.
In April, if you would have told me I’d be going on this trip, I would have laughed.  There was not even an inkling of an idea to go.  They were having a luncheon at church to introduce the team, for each one to share why they were going and how we could pray for them.  I decided to attend as this was a wonderful experience for me last year in preparing for my mission trip to Mexico.  At the end of the luncheon, Pastor Phil mentioned they still had open spots available if anyone else wanted to go on the trip.  INSTANTLY, I felt lead to go.  Of course I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to due to three obstacles: funding, time off work, and a place for my kids to stay.  Within 24 hours God had provided full funding, the blessing of my boss to take the time off of work and I’d been told this was the exact time my kids would be going to camp.  I guess God really wanted me to go on this trip because the doors were open WIDE.  What I couldn’t figure out was why, but I didn’t question it.
As the time is getting closer , people keep asking me how I feel about going, and I keep answering. “I have no expectations.” I am so happy to say this because I have a tendency to build up my expectations of how things will go and then be let down.  I have a feeling that God has great things in store and I don’t want to get in the way.  I just want to be available to be present in each moment and take in whatever it is He has for me.  It is an exciting time. He has even given me a small picture as to why I’m going but I will share that later…

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