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Sufficient Grace

19 Jun

Kevin wrote this for the worship team, but it’s a great word for us all, especially as we head to the Dominican Republic.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
In about 16 hours I will be on a plane headed to the Dominican Republic.  This past week for me has been filled with lots of “to-do” type of tasks and tons of things I feel I have to get done before I leave.  I’ll admit that I’ve felt inadequate, under-prepared, and even overwhelmed at times.

That’s why this verse is so important to me right now.  It has little to do with Sunday’s music, but it has a lot to do with what I’ve been experiencing.  And I hope in some small way it encourages you—whether you’re going on the trip or not.  God doesn’t want you to be perfect and have it all together; it’s okay to feel weak, stressed, and overwhelmed.  Because then when God does His work it will be all about Him and have very little to do with you.  That’s the beauty of all this: Christ’s strength is so much better than our own.  Rest in that truth this week; wherever this week may take you.


Life changing Stories

10 Aug

Un Amgio Para Siempre (A Friend Forever)

By: Luke Jech

During this trip I have met many new people. Made many new connections and many new friends. Some people I only have got to talk to for a couple minutes. To them I only have gotten to ask them how they are, what sports they play, what music they listen to and a few other simple questions. However the last few days I have gotten to know someone who I will never forget.

On Monday I met a guy named Sandu while working at the church. We got to talk for a little bit and I learned that he is eighteen years old and that he played the piano. Before I could talk to him more though we had to leave for the night. The next morning we came back to work on the church some more and Sandu started to hang out with me and follow me around. He invited me to play bass with him while he played the piano and we had a jam session together. We talked about our lives and where we come from all the way up to lunch, which was for a couple of hours. Before I left for lunch I went and asked him his name again because I had forgotten it. I have heard many unique names this week and it is very hard to keep track of all them. Also I told him that I wanted him to write his name down in my journal at the going away party so that I would not forget him when I left.

Tonight after dinner, we all loaded up onto the bus after dinner, and headed back to the church for our going away party. In the beginning we did some fun songs in Spanish with the kids. Then it was time for worship. Sandu played the piano during worship and he amazed me with his talent. The Dominicans then wanted Fallen Short to play a song for them. I got to play bass and our band played two songs for worship. After we were done he helped me put away the bass and then turned around to hand me something. It was a folded up piece of paper and I was very confused by it. Then he opened it up for me and what I saw just blew me away. It was a magnificent drawing of an android type looking creature. The detail was fascinating and it was one of the best drawings I have ever seen. I told him thank you very much and had to go sit back down in my seat.

That was not the end of our relationship though. Later that night one of our translators named Ben told me that Sandu had given me the drawing so that I would never forget him. It just really touched my heart and I could barely keep myself together. Immediately I looked around for him so that I could thank him again. I told him “Lo mantendré su dibujo para siempre” which means I will keep your drawing forever. I told that his love that he has shown me will be a testimony that I share will all of my family and all of my friends. I wish that I had a gift to give him in return but he said it was ok and that he didn’t want anything.

I may have only known this amazing guy for two days, but I will never forget him because of his love that he showed me. I learned that friends can be made in a short time and that going the extra mile to show someone love will last forever. I would have remembered him for a while even if he didn’t give me his drawing but since he did, I will pray for him and think about him every time I see it.

My decision by Tyler Rosu

Tyler Rosu – This Trip has been really amazing! There are great churches, great families and amazing people but today was the best by far. Today I made a huge decision to go forth and sponsor a child through Compassion.

God has really put it on my heart to sponsor a child. The way He has done that is about a year ago I did a youth group worship day and compassion was hosting a concert that we went to after this worship day. The concert they really pressed upon sponsorship and how it really would change the life of the child you’re sponsoring and the family around her.

Then lets move back to what happened on the trip. We have had home visits to see what the homes are like and connect to with the families and encourage them in the Lord or to follow the Lord. This really hit home with me because all the places we saw were bad but they really had hope. More hope then we would ever have in our lives. I also got to see how the families really changed and got affected by the Compassion projects and child sponsorship. Then, so I was kind of considering it when I got back home, but during debrief last night Steve Jones, (Dr. Jones as we call him now), he told us about a girl that could be sponsored in the area that we were serving. I felt like God was calling me out to do this. So I just jumped on it. Then, so today, they brought her down to the place we were working and building stuff. So I got to meet her today. She didn’t know that she was coming down to be told that she was now sponsored and…going to meet her sponsor, which almost never happens to people that get sponsored. She has been waiting to get sponsored for 7 years and she is now 12, and her birthday is on Friday (The day we leave). I just knew the Lord set that up for a reason and to give that to her as a birthday present. I got to know her well and ask a bunch of question which was awesome. The best thing was that I got to go on a home visit to her house and see her house and meet her family and ask them questions.

She is a beautiful little girl and has a beautiful family. I knew that the Lord was calling me to sponsor her, and bless her and her family.

I rejoice in the Lord to do this and be a blessing all the way in the Dominican Republic.