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Difficulties of a Mission Trip

1 Jul

So you are all expecting me to say that this was an amazing trip but for me, but it was not amazing. I faced struggles and battles that I thought wouldn’t be possible for a mission trip.

To let you in on what’s going on. So for a while now I have been going through a spiritual battle. I’ve been questioning if God is real or if He cares about me or if I am even worthy of His love? Through this battle I have been trying to keep it to myself and by doing that I have been struggling with annoyance, hatred and many different things. Before the trip I asked God to show me what to do and what He wants for me on the trip. So I was going through this past week on this trip and was just not myself. I  felt it too. I really needed to do something about it, so I prayed to God to show me what he wanted me to learn and how he wanted me to grow on this trip…

One evening we were having dinner with the church leaders and I sat down with the pastor and his wife. I really saw his love and care for the community and I learned that he does this full time job as pastor for voluntary work. This really made me think again about how I wanted to become a pastor. This really inspires me to become a pastor even more now. The past year or so I threw this idea out because of finances, but now after watching this pastor choose to live in poverty because he wants to lead this church, tt really makes the financial obligation obsolete, because if God can provide for this guy and watch over him by following God then God will provide for me and watch over me when I follow Him.

God really answered my prayers within a couple of hours. This really washed ways all my doubts that I had against God. I know now that God is real and He loves and cares for me. I know that I will struggle and fall but now I know that God is watching over me and loves me. I just need to be sold out for God as much as possible. For me to be sold out for God I will need to change some things in my life. Some of those things are increase my spiritual disciplines, better the people that I surround myself with, better the way that I act around people and I want to better my health so I can be strong in the Lord then getting sick all the time.

So as one body under Christ I would like you the body to keep me accountable, but again I know that slip up here and there but I will try to not use this as an excuse, but I am so thankful for being able to let you into a little part of my trip and I hope it really touches some people’s hearts. I love you all!!! Thanks for reading.


-Tyler Rosu